Self-Care Measures

Self-care is defined as a process of maintaining health through health promoting practices and managing illness. Self-care is performed in both healthy and ill states. Everyone engages in some level of self-care daily with tooth brushing, food choices, and so forth. When an ill individual is stable, he or she is often able to maintain health without moving into illness care. But, once one is ill and illness management becomes a priority, the need for self-care for health maintenance remains. Thus, self-care in healthy and ill states can be, but it is not always, a simultaneous process. The self-report instruments on this website measure self-care in a manner consistent with the Middle Range Theory of Self-care of Chronic Illness (Riegel, Jaarsma, Stromberg, 2012).

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Self-care maintenance is defined as those behaviors used to maintain physical and emotional stability.
Self-care monitoring refers to the process of observing oneself for changes in signs and symptoms.
Self-care management is defined as the response to signs and symptoms when they occur.