Self Care Inventory – Patient Version

Primary Contact:

Michela Luciani, PhD, RN
School of Nursing | Dept. of Medicine and Surgery
University of Milano – Bicocca
Via Cadore 48, Monza, 20900

The Self-care Inventory (SCI) was developed by researchers at University of Milano-Bicocca (Luciani, Fabrizi, Ausili) and Prof. Riegel to reflect the self-care behaviors of healthy individuals. We used the core concepts of the Self-care of Chronic Illness Theory but focused the questions on general health behaviors used by healthy people. Specifically, we propose that self-care is used in ill and healthy states; everyone undertake some level of health-promoting self-care every day.

The SCI has 30 5-point Likert items and 4 subscales: self-care maintenance, self-care monitoring, self-care management, and self-care self-efficacy. Self-care maintenance addresses those activities aimed at maintaining the best possible health status through health promoting practices, such as avoiding tobacco use and regularly visiting healthcare providers. Self-care monitoring reflects body awareness around symptoms and bodily changes. Self-care management comprises those actions aimed at controlling or managing said symptoms and changes. Self-care self-efficacy is not a part of self-care, but a factor that we have found in many other studies as strongly influencing self-care. Self-care self-efficacy reflects confidence in one’s ability to perform and persist in performing self-care. Currently, this instrument is being tested for initial psychometrics both in the US and Italy.

This instrument is in testing and will be available soon.